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Terms & Conditions

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  • Only badminton shoes are allowed on the court. PBA management reserves the rights to refuse entry for any patrons who doesn't comply with the rules.

  • Every players have to change their badminton shoes at the waiting area before entering the court.

  • All bookings must be fully paid prior entering the court.

  • NO food, smoking, vaping, consumption of alcohol are permitted at any time in this facility

  • NO pets or animals are permitted inside the centre

  • Court MUST be swiped and remove all rubbish before leaving the court. Otherwise PBA reserves rights to charge any cleaning fee

  • If customer causes any damage to PBA's property/facilities/equipment, they will be held responsible for all costs associated with replacement or repairs whichever is decided by PBA management.

  • Customers with serious medical conditions (epilepsy, heart conditions etc) or those recovering from serious illness or injury should advise staff upon entry.

Court Hire Regulations

  • PBA reserves the right to relocate/ re-designate your court to another location, if deemed necessary.

  • Customers are responsible to finish their play at the designated time.

  • Failure to do so will result in additional charges in hour increments

  • For example: Customers that pay for only one court hire but play on two courts, will be charged for the second court used in accordance with the original booking time.

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